Intel Unveils ExtraSS. FPS Generation Tech

Intel is working on its own frame generation technology to boost FPS in games, with the company’s experts unveiling some details of their new product.

After Intel’s Statement on Joining the Artificial Intelligence Race

Intel’s specialists are developing their own frame generation technology to compete with solutions from NVIDIA and AMD, as reported by Wccftech.

Intel ExtraSS

At the SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 event, Intel presented its own take on frame generation technology. Unlike AMD’s and NVIDIA’s products, Intel’s development, named ExtraSS, is based not on frame interpolation used in competing solutions, but on an extrapolation method. This approach offers an advantage in terms of latency but faces challenges in frame generation. Intel’s experts are addressing these with a new deformation method to enhance image quality.


It is noteworthy that frame generation technologies in NVIDIA DLSS 3 and AMD FSR 3 significantly increase frame rates but also introduce latency, which is countered by mechanisms like Reflex and Anti-Lag. Intel’s solution, however, seems to avoid such issues.

Intel ExtraSS

Intel’s new development is expected to be available for a wide range of graphics adapters, including those from competitors. The launch date of the technology is still unclear, but next year, Intel will undoubtedly share more details about this promising product.”