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Arrow Lake

Arrow Lake, Ryzen 9000 Zen 5

Intel’s 15th generation Arrow Lake processors and AMD Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2024. This information was obtained from Chinese manufacturing board forums. Both chip manufacturers will present their next-generation chipsets in the…

Xiaoxin 24

Lenovo announced the Xiaoxin 2024 all-in-one computers

Lenovo announced the Xiaoxin 2024 all-in-one computers, featuring 13th generation Intel Core H processors, to be released in January. The design of the new Xiaoxin 24/27 2024 and Xiaoxin 27 Pro 2024 models is similar, available in black and silver.…


Steam Deck: Every gamer should own one

I bought the cheapest Steam Deck and have never regretted it. Over the past two years, the market for portable gaming consoles has nearly caught up with smartphones in terms of new device announcements. Practically every month, brands release several…


Sony PS5 Pro New Patent:DLSS-Style Upscaling

Sony PS5 Pro New Patent. Sony’s latest patent seemingly confirms rumors about a DLSS-style scaling technology that might be integrated into the PS5 Pro, potentially giving the new console model a significant performance edge over the current version. A few…


Intel’s 1.8nm Challenge to TSMC’s Dominance

Intel’s 1.8nm process surpasses TSMC’s 2nm process, according to Intel’s CEO. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is confident that his company will outperform TSMC in the coming years. In an interview with Barrons’, he highlighted the strengths of Intel’s 18A process…


Minisforum Mini WorkStation MS-01

Externally resembling a mini-PC, but with a couple of 10G SFP+ ports and space for a U.2 storage drive, the Minisforum Mini WorkStation MS-01 on Intel mobile CPUs has been introduced. Minisforum is preparing a PC type that’s atypical for…