Unfolding the Pixel Fold: Google’s Game Changer?

The Google Pixel Fold marks Google’s entry into the foldable smartphone market.

Google Pixel Fold

Design and Build

  • Dimensions: The Pixel Fold is relatively thin for a foldable, at 12.1mm when closed, and just 6mm thick when opened. However, it’s noted to be the second-thinnest foldable, slightly thicker than Huawei’s Mate X3.
  • Weight: At 283g, it is considered heavy, particularly noticeable during extended use like making calls.
  • Build Quality: The device features a “Fluid Friction” hinge claimed to be highly durable, and it has IPX8 water resistance. However, it does not unfold completely flat, which may be a concern for some users.
Google Pixel Fold


  • Screen Size and Quality: The Pixel Fold has a 7.6-inch inner OLED display (2208 x 1840 pixels, 120Hz) and a 5.8-inch outer display (2092 x 1080 pixels, OLED, 120Hz). The displays offer excellent color accuracy and brightness, with peak brightness of 1,067cd/m² and 1,243cd/m² on the inner and cover displays, respectively.
  • User Experience Issues: Notably, the inner display has a prominent crease and chunky bezels, which might detract from the user experience and give it a somewhat dated appearance.
Google Pixel Fold


  • Processor and RAM: Powered by Google’s Tensor G2 chipset and equipped with 12GB RAM, the Pixel Fold’s performance is slightly behind its competitors like the Z Fold 4 and Honor Magic Vs in benchmarks.
  • Gaming Performance: The device underperforms in gaming benchmarks compared to its rivals, which may be a concern for users interested in high-end gaming on their device.


  • Camera Setup: The Pixel Fold boasts a triple-camera array, including a 48MP main camera, a 10.8MP 5x telephoto, and a 10.8MP ultrawide lens. It also features two selfie cameras – a 9.5MP on the front and an 8MP on the inside.
  • Photography Performance: The quality of photographs is noted to be excellent, with effective handling of dynamic range and details. Low-light performance is also commendable.

Battery Life

  • Battery Capacity and Performance: It has a 4821mAh battery. In tests, the device lasted around 16 hours 43 minutes on the inner screen and over 23 hours on the cover screen, which is fairly competitive.
  • Charging: The Pixel Fold supports up to 21W wired and 7.5W wireless charging, but the wired charging speed is considered slow compared to its rivals.


  • OS and Multitasking Features: Running Android 13, the Pixel Fold offers “effortless” split-screen multitasking and optimized support for over 50 Google apps. However, some third-party apps do not fully utilize the increased screen size or support the aspect ratio, which can impact the user experience.


The Google Pixel Fold offers high-quality displays, excellent camera performance, and unique software features, especially in multitasking. However, it falls short in terms of design, with a noticeable crease and bulky bezels, and its performance and gaming capabilities are not on par with its competitors. Given its high price point, these drawbacks might deter some potential buyers. As per Expert Reviews, the Pixel Fold, despite its excellent cameras, suffers from old-fashioned design and performance issues, which makes it less recommendable compared to alternatives like the Honor Magic Vs or waiting for a future generation of foldables.