The ASUS ROG Strix G16

The ASUS ROG Strix G16, a gaming laptop released in 2023, stands out for its powerful performance and distinctive design. Below is an extensive analysis of its features, design, and user experience.

Design and Build

ASUS ROG Strix G16
  • The ROG Strix G16 boasts a striking and bold design, characterized by 3D-shaped components and a mix of different shades of gray.
  • The top of the base is slightly concave towards the edge, and the laptop features RGB light strips on the front and sides, adding to its gaming aesthetic.
  • The keyboard is RGB-illuminated, with translucent keys for gaming essentials.
  • Despite its visually appealing design, closer inspection reveals certain shortcomings in build quality. Parts like the webcam module show larger gaps, suggesting a less refined manufacturing process.
  • The laptop’s body is primarily made of plastic, which might not appeal to users expecting a more premium build material.
  • The laptop is relatively heavy, weighing around 3.3 kilograms including the power supply unit.

Keyboard and Trackpad

  • The Strix G16’s keyboard is an updated rubber-dome design, offering two variations: one with 4-zone RGB lighting and another with per-key RGB lighting.
  • The keyboard layout is minimalist, without a NumPad, but includes a dedicated media key section and customizable keys.
  • The typing experience is satisfactory, with average stroke depth and good feedback.
  • The keys are backlit with RGB lighting, and the illumination is customizable through software.
  • The laptop’s larger chassis size allows for a spacious and smooth glass clickpad. However, the clickpad may rattle with firmer taps.


  • The laptop features a 16-inch 16:10 matte display, available in either IPS QHD+ or IPS FHD+ options.
  • The QHD+ panel is the more common option, offering 100% DCI-P3 color coverage, good brightness, and decent contrast.
  • It includes a 240Hz refresh rate with fast response times, making it suitable for gaming.
  • GSync support is included for smoother images in games.

Performance and Hardware

  • Specifics on the laptop’s hardware, such as CPU and GPU configurations, were not detailed in the sources. However, ASUS’s ROG series is known for its high-performance components, often catering to demanding gaming and multitasking needs.
  • The cooling system has been noted as efficient, a critical aspect for maintaining performance in gaming laptops.

Ports and Connectivity

  • The majority of the ROG Strix G16’s ports are located on the left side, with two USB ports on the right.
  • The laptop includes two USB Type-C sockets, one supporting Thunderbolt 4 and the other Power Delivery, both supporting DisplayPort.
  • The laptop’s full performance cannot be accessed via USB-C Power Delivery due to its high power requirements.

Overall Impression

  • The ASUS ROG Strix G16 is a gaming laptop that focuses on delivering a powerful gaming experience with its high refresh rate display and effective cooling system.
  • The design, while visually appealing and gamer-centric, may have some build quality issues, particularly in the details and choice of materials.
  • The keyboard and trackpad provide a comfortable user experience, fitting for both gaming and general use.

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In conclusion, the ASUS ROG Strix G16 is a strong contender in the gaming laptop market, particularly for those who prioritize performance and a gaming-focused design. However, its slightly bulkier build and some quality control issues in the design might be points of consideration for potential buyers.

  1. “The ASUS ROG Strix G16 is an absolute beast of a gaming laptop! Its high-refresh-rate screen is a game-changer for me. Playing fast-paced games on this beauty is an experience like no other. The colors are vibrant, and the motion is so fluid, it feels like I’m part of the game.”
  2. “I’m in love with the design of the ROG Strix G16. The RGB lighting adds so much character to the laptop, and it stands out in any setup. It’s not just about looks though; the performance this machine delivers is top-notch. I’ve thrown some of the most demanding games at it, and it hasn’t even flinched.”
  3. “The keyboard on the G16 is a dream for gamers. The tactile feedback and the RGB backlighting make it both a pleasure to use and a sight to behold. I’ve had long gaming sessions on this laptop, and it’s been comfortable throughout, with no fatigue.”
  4. “As a content creator, I appreciate the color accuracy and brightness of the Strix G16’s display. It’s not just great for gaming; it’s excellent for photo and video editing too. The fact that it doubles as a high-performance gaming machine is a huge bonus.”
  5. “Portability and power are what define the ASUS ROG Strix G16 for me. It’s incredible how it packs such performance in a relatively portable form. I can take it to gaming meetups without any hassle, and it always gives me the edge I need in competitive gaming.”