The new MSI Titan 18 HX is almost fully revealed

270W of power, a 400-watt power supply, and an 18-inch 120Hz Mini-LED screen. The new MSI Titan 18 HX is almost fully revealed.
It will be very expensive

MSI Titan 18 HX

The MSI Titan 18 HX gaming laptop seems set to claim the title of the most powerful mobile PC.
MSI has revealed details about its new product. In particular, it became known that the top version will receive a Core i9-14900HX and GeForce RTX 4090. Naturally, such a combination will be found in many laptops, but MSI’s new product deserves special attention.

The company reports that the laptop will have a special operating mode with a power limit set at 270W! In this case, 95W will be supplied to the CPU and 175W will go to the graphics card. For comparison, the current version of MSI’s flagship has a power limit of 250W.

The new product will come with a 400W power supply. Moreover, it will be the world’s first laptop with an 18-inch 120Hz Mini-LED screen with 4K resolution.

The MSI Titan 18 HX is a high-end gaming laptop that boasts several impressive specifications and features:

  1. Display: It features an 18-inch mini LED screen, which provides a peak brightness of 1,000 nits. This large, bright display is ideal for immersive gaming and media consumption, offering excellent visual clarity and contrast.
  2. Processor and Graphics: The laptop will come in two variants, one with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and the other with an RTX 4080. Both variants will be paired with Intel’s top-spec Core i9-14900HX Raptor Lake refresh processor. This powerful combination of CPU and GPU makes the Titan 18 HX capable of handling the most demanding games and applications with ease.
  3. Memory and Storage: The Titan 18 HX supports up to 128 GB of DDR5 RAM, providing ample memory for even the most memory-intensive tasks. It also offers up to 4 TB of storage, ensuring plenty of space for games, applications, and media files.
  4. Additional Features: The laptop includes Wi-Fi 7 support for fast and reliable internet connectivity, a mechanical keyboard for tactile and responsive typing, and two Thunderbolt ports for high-speed data transfer and connectivity. The inclusion of a 99.9 Wh battery and a 400 Watt power supply in the box further enhances its capabilities as a portable yet powerful gaming machine.

The MSI Titan 18 HX is a formidable gaming laptop, designed to cater to the needs of hardcore gamers and power users. Its large, bright display, powerful processor and graphics card, substantial memory and storage options, and additional high-end features make it a top choice in the gaming laptop market.