Intel Core i5-14450HX. Test – OK

The Intel Core i5-14450HX showed impressive results in benchmark tests. According to GeekBench benchmark results, the performance is comparable to the desktop Core i5−13400.

Intel, one of the world’s largest microprocessor manufacturers, continues to strengthen its market position by introducing powerful processors. One of the latest is the Intel Core i5-14450HX from Intel’s mobile processor lineup, which was tested in benchmark tests and showed very good results.

Core i5-14450HX

The Intel Core i5-14450HX was tested in popular benchmark tests such as Cinebench R23, PassMark, and Geekbench 5. In each of these tests, the processor demonstrated high performance and excellent results.

In the Cinebench R23 test, the Intel Core i5-14450HX scored 1587 points in single-thread processing and 8637 points in multi-thread processing, demonstrating its ability to efficiently handle not only simple tasks but also complex ones.

The PassMark test showed that the Intel Core i5-14450HX has a significant performance score of 14,367 points, thus holding a high position among competitors in the mobile processor market. Similarly, testing in Geekbench 5 yielded impressive results in single-core and multi-core modes — 1415 and 5342 respectively, highlighting the processor’s high overall performance.


The Intel Core i5-14450HX is a 14-nanometer processor with cores and 8 threads, supporting Hyper-Threading. It has a frequency of 3.0 GHz in base mode, which can reach up to 4.5 GHz in Turbo Boost mode. The processor is also equipped with 12 MB of Intel Smart Cache, which ensures efficient processing and accelerated data access.

Regarding graphics, it comes with the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 770, supporting DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.6, and Vulkan 1.3, providing performance for gaming and other resource-intensive tasks at a very good level.

Continuing to strengthen its position in the mobile processor market, Intel provides powerful and efficient solutions. The new Intel Core i5 is one of the latest additions to Intel’s family of mobile processors, demonstrating commendable results in popular benchmark tests, proving its capabilities as a leader among competitive mobile processors. With a reliable set of features and exceptional performance, the Intel Core i5 is capable of delivering outstanding computing capabilities for both resource-intensive applications and everyday use.