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Intel’s 1.8nm Challenge to TSMC’s Dominance

Intel’s 1.8nm process surpasses TSMC’s 2nm process, according to Intel’s CEO. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is confident that his company will outperform TSMC in the coming years. In an interview with Barrons’, he highlighted the strengths of Intel’s 18A process…


Vision Versus Luck: Nvidia Engineer Claps Back at Intel CEO

Nvidia Engineer Sharply Responds to Intel Head’s Claim of Luck in AI DominanceAn employee, formerly with Intel, asserted that the “Green Team’s” superiority stems from vision and execution, not luck. A few days ago, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger caused widespread…


Intel: Aiming for a Trillion Transistors in Next-Gen Chips

Intel Promises a 70-Fold Increase in the Number of Transistors in Chips According to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, the company aims to “pack” 1 trillion transistors into a processor—about 70 times more than in its existing proprietary solutions. He explained…

LGA 4710

Intel’s New Mystery: The LGA 4710 Socket

LGA 4710 Review Intel seems to be stirring the tech world once again with the emergence of the LGA 4710 socket. Recently, photos of this new processor socket were leaked online, sparking curiosity and speculation among tech enthusiasts and industry…

20A 01

Intel confirms using its 20A technology next year

Intel 20A:Additionally, Intel’s 18A process technology is expected to be fully developed by the end of 2024. These days, not only Intel’s CEO is making promises to investors. At the Semicon Japan event, representatives from the Nikkei agency managed to…