The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the heart of any computer, dictating its capabilities and performance. With rapid advancements in technology, choosing the right CPU can significantly impact your computing experience. Whether you’re a gamer, a professional, or an average user, our guide to the latest CPUs will help you make an informed decision tailored to your computing needs.

Why the CPU Matters

  • Performance: The CPU determines how efficiently and quickly your computer can run programs and complete tasks.
  • Multitasking: High-core and thread counts in modern CPUs allow for seamless multitasking and smoother performance under load.
  • Energy Efficiency: Newer CPUs are not just powerful but also optimized for better energy efficiency, impacting both power consumption and heat generation.
  • Compatibility: The choice of CPU affects your motherboard options and can influence your PC’s future upgradability

Core i9-14900KS:Release date has been announced

This is the Core i9-14900KS. A photo of the processor has emerged, which is likely to be the first in the world with a frequency of up to 6.2 GHz out of the box. Intel has not yet introduced the…


7800X3D VS i5-14600K test in 8 AAA games

Modern Intel Core i5-14600K and AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D processors were compared in 8 AAA games. The author of the YouTube channel Testing Games determined which of the two chips is better suited for gaming in 2023. The comparison was…

Ryzen 9000

Ryzen 9000.AM5 platform will be supported Zen 6

AMD Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 and Zen 6 processors will support existing B650/X670 motherboards. AMD has confirmed that the AM5 platform will be supported in several more releases up to Zen 6 in 2026. Intel’s 600/700 series motherboards based on…

Core i5-14450HX

Intel Core i5-14450HX. Test – OK

The Intel Core i5-14450HX showed impressive results in benchmark tests. According to GeekBench benchmark results, the performance is comparable to the desktop Core i5−13400. Intel, one of the world’s largest microprocessor manufacturers, continues to strengthen its market position by introducing…

Arrow Lake

Arrow Lake, Ryzen 9000 Zen 5

Intel’s 15th generation Arrow Lake processors and AMD Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2024. This information was obtained from Chinese manufacturing board forums. Both chip manufacturers will present their next-generation chipsets in the…

Zen 5

AMD Gears Up for Zen 5: New Linux Patches

AMD Begins Preparing for Zen 5 Processors LaunchThis could be indicated by the emergence of several patches for the Linux operating system. Over the last two days, six patches have been released for AMD’s power management controller driver for Linux.…


i9-14900KF at 8843 MHz Record: Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking

Intel Core i9-14900KF Achieves Best Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking Record at 8843 MHzThe achieved frequency itself was the highlight of this result. As we enter the last week of the year, and with CES 2024 starting only in the second week…


Intel: Aiming for a Trillion Transistors in Next-Gen Chips

Intel Promises a 70-Fold Increase in the Number of Transistors in Chips According to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, the company aims to “pack” 1 trillion transistors into a processor—about 70 times more than in its existing proprietary solutions. He explained…