It’s time to end the market dominance of CUDA

Intel’s CEO criticizes Nvidia and its AI market dominance, stating, It’s time to end the market dominance of Nvidia CUDA. Intel believes this status quo won’t last long.

Intel, following the announcement of its Meteor Lake processors, which have not been particularly impressive based on initial tests, has also decided to criticize Nvidia.


Specifically, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger made a statement regarding Nvidia’s dominance in the AI solutions market, where Intel is present but relatively weak.

He said, ‘The entire industry is interested in eliminating the Nvidia CUDA market. We see the CUDA Nvidia trench as shallow and small because the industry is interested in providing a broader set of technologies for widespread training, innovation, data science, and so forth. When it comes to inference, hey, once you’ve trained the model… There’s no dependency on CUDA. It’s all about whether you can run that model effectively.’

Intel’s grievance lies in the fact that Nvidia CUDA is Nvidia’s proprietary platform, which limits AI market development and forces various companies to increasingly buy Nvidia’s new accelerators. Naturally, when such demand falls on one company, it harms competition and, consequently, the market as a whole. However, so far, no one other than Intel has publicly stated that Nvidia’s dominance in the AI market is a major problem.