PS5 Pro. Sony’s Leap into DLSS-like Tech

Sony Developing Its Own Nvidia DLSS Version for PS5 Pro

Insider Reports: A New Leap in Console Gaming

Sony is reportedly working on an exclusive upscaling technology for its next-generation console, akin to Nvidia’s DLSS, but specifically tailored for the PS5 Pro. Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb has confirmed the leak about the PS5 Pro’s release in 2024, along with Sony’s development of this proprietary solution.

PS5 Pro

While a Sony equivalent to DLSS might not significantly impact the PC gaming market, its implementation in consoles is a noteworthy endeavor. In episode 328 of the “Game Mess Decides” podcast, Grubb notes that this DLSS-like technology is envisioned as a major hardware innovation, aimed at enhancing game resolution and/or frame rates while introducing improved visual detail and graphic depth.

Practical Implications on Console Gaming

A practical application of this DLSS alternative for consoles could mean stabilized game performance at higher resolutions. For instance, in the performance mode, “Alan Wake 2” by Remedy runs at approximately 55 frames per second on the PS5, while the quality mode sometimes dips below 30 frames. With a DLSS-type solution, these performances could be stabilized or even improved, potentially offering 60 frames in quality mode and 120 frames in performance mode.

Potential Ripple Effects in Console Industry

This technological development could prompt Sony to explore similar solutions for other platforms like the Xbox Series. It might also set a new standard in console gaming, pushing the boundaries of what gamers expect in terms of visual fidelity and performance.

The introduction of a DLSS-type technology by Sony for the PS5 Pro could mark a significant advancement in console gaming, offering enhanced resolutions and smoother frame rates. This move could not only redefine the capabilities of the PS5 Pro but also influence future developments in the console gaming industry as a whole.