The Echo Show 8 (2023): A Comprehensive Review

The Echo Show 8 (2023), Amazon’s latest iteration in its smart display lineup, continues to offer a blend of functionality and entertainment. This review explores the Echo Show 8’s new features, design, performance, and overall value, providing insights into how it stands out in the competitive smart display market.

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Amazon echo show 8. Design and Build

The 2023 version of the Echo Show 8 maintains the familiar wedge shape and thick borders around the screen, akin to its predecessors. The notable design change is the repositioned camera, now centered in the bezel for better framing during video calls. However, Amazon has removed the 3.5mm line out for external speaker connectivity, a subtle but significant change for users who prefer using separate sound systems.

Amazon echo show 8. Display and Camera

The Echo Show 8 features an 8-inch HD screen that delivers clear and vibrant visuals, making it suitable for various multimedia content, from streaming videos to displaying photos. The central positioning of the camera enhances video call quality, ensuring better alignment and framing. However, the device’s thick bezels give it a somewhat dated appearance compared to sleeker alternatives in the market.

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Amazon echo show 8. Sound Quality and Spatial Audio

While the Echo 8 offers spatial audio, its effectiveness is somewhat limited due to the physical proximity of the built-in speakers. The audio quality is serviceable but tends to distort at higher volumes on complex tracks. It’s clear that while the Echo 8 can be used for casual music listening, it’s not designed to replace dedicated high-end audio players.

Smart Home Hub Capabilities

One of the Echo Show 8’s notable upgrades is the inclusion of a built-in Zigbee hub, allowing users to control compatible smart home devices without needing additional hardware. This integration makes the Echo 8 a more versatile and convenient control center for smart homes, supporting devices powered by Zigbee, Matter, and Thread.

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User Experience and Software

Setting up the Echo 8 involves straightforward steps, including connecting to Wi-Fi and Amazon accounts. The device prompts for facial recognition setup and offers customization options for screensavers. However, the setup process includes several promotional prompts for Amazon services, which some users might find intrusive. The device also displays a carousel of home content when idle, including news, recipes, and other Amazon-specific suggestions, which can be customized or disabled in the settings.

Security Camera Feature

A new addition to the Echo 8 is the ability to use its webcam as a security camera. This feature offers a live view in the app but lacks movement notifications or recording capabilities. While it’s a limited feature, it adds an extra layer of utility to the device.

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Limitations and Drawbacks

The Echo 8 focuses heavily on Prime Video, with added support for YouTube and Netflix. However, users looking to access a broader range of streaming services may find the device’s reliance on the less user-friendly Silk web browser a significant limitation. Additionally, while the device features various Alexa capabilities, some users may prefer the intelligence and functionality offered by Google Assistant.

Pricing and Value

The Echo Show 8 (2023) is priced at around $149.99, positioning it as a mid-range option in the smart display market. Considering its features, build quality, and smart home capabilities, the Echo Show 8 offers a good balance between functionality and price, making it a viable option for those looking to enhance their smart home experience without overspending.

The Echo 8 (2023) is a solid choice for users looking for a versatile smart display that combines multimedia functionality with smart home control. While it has some limitations in terms of audio quality and streaming service accessibility, its new features, like the central camera and built-in Zigbee hub, add significant value. Its design may feel a bit dated, but its performance and functionality make it a worthy contender in the smart display market.

Echo show 8 vs 10: A Detailed Comparison

When choosing between the Echo 8 and Echo 10, it’s essential to consider various factors like screen size, audio quality, camera features, and smart home capabilities. Both devices are part of Amazon’s Echo Show lineup, designed to offer a blend of entertainment, information, and smart home control. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you decide which is more suitable for your needs.

Echo show 8 vs 10: Screen Size and Display Quality

  • Echo Show 8: Features an 8-inch HD screen. The display is vibrant and clear, suitable for streaming videos, video calls, and displaying photos.
  • Echo Show 10: Boasts a larger 10-inch HD screen. The bigger display enhances video streaming and other visual experiences. The Echo Show 10 also has a unique feature where the screen can rotate to follow you, making it more interactive, especially during video calls or while watching videos.

Sound Quality

  • Echo Show 8: Offers spatial audio, but its performance is limited due to the proximity of the speakers. The sound quality is decent for casual listening but may distort at higher volumes.
  • Echo Show 10: Comes with significantly better audio capabilities. It has a larger speaker system that produces richer and more robust sound, making it better suited for music and entertainment purposes.

Echo show 8 vs 10: Camera Features

  • Echo Show 8: Includes a camera centered in the bezel, improving video call framing. However, it lacks advanced camera features found in the Echo Show 10.
  • Echo Show 10: Features a 13MP camera that can pan and zoom during video calls, ensuring you’re always in frame. This makes the Echo Show 10 more sophisticated for video interactions.

Design and Build

  • Echo Show 8: Maintains a more traditional design with a fixed position. Its design is simpler and more compact, suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Echo Show 10: Stands out with its rotating base and screen, which can follow your movement. This feature is handy but also makes the device bulkier and requires more space.

Smart Home Hub

  • Echo Show 8 and 10: Both models offer smart home hub capabilities, allowing you to control compatible devices directly from the display. They support Zigbee, Matter, and Thread, making them versatile for various smart home ecosystems.


Echo show 8 vs 10: Use Cases

  • Echo Show 8: Ideal for casual use like streaming, video calls, and smart home control in smaller spaces or for users with a tighter budget.
  • Echo Show 10: Better suited for users looking for a more immersive experience with superior sound and interactive video features, and those who have more space and budget.


The choice between the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 10 depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize a more interactive and high-quality audio-visual experience and don’t mind the higher price, the Echo Show 10 is an excellent choice. However, if you prefer something more compact and budget-friendly, while still enjoying a range of smart features, the Echo Show 8 will serve you well.