Step into the Future of Power with ATX12VO: Introducing ATX12VO, the groundbreaking power supply standard that’s setting new benchmarks in the world of PC building. This isn’t just an update; it’s a complete overhaul of how power is delivered within a computer, tailor-made for modern users.

Revolutionizing Efficiency and Simplifying Builds: ATX12VO redefines efficiency in power supply. By focusing solely on the 12V output, it streamlines power distribution, reducing energy waste and enhancing overall system efficiency. This simplicity not only makes PC building more straightforward but also paves the way for more compact and quieter systems.

Enhanced Compatibility and Performance: The ATX12VO standard ensures compatibility with a wide range of components, allowing for flexibility in building and upgrading PCs. It supports the latest hardware, ensuring your system is not just efficient but also powerful, ready to tackle the most demanding tasks.

Eco-Friendly Approach for Sustainable Computing: Embrace a greener way of computing with ATX12VO. Its focus on energy efficiency translates to a lower carbon footprint, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious PC builders who don’t want to compromise on performance.

A New Standard for Modern PCs: ATX12VO isn’t just a new power supply standard; it’s a vision for the future of PCs. It caters to the needs of modern users, offering a smarter, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly approach to powering computers.

The ATX12VO is more than just a component; it’s a step towards a more efficient and sustainable future in PC technology. Ideal for builders, enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about cutting-edge technology, ATX12VO offers a glimpse into the future of PC power. Embrace the change with ATX12 and be part of a new era in computer power efficiency!

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First AMD Socket AM5 Motherboard with ATX12VO

MSI is set to expand its product range next year to include support for the new ATX12VO power standard. The manufacturer is preparing to release a corresponding motherboard based on the AMD B650 chipset with the AMD Socket AM5 processor…