GPD: Unleashing the Ultimate Portable Computing Experience

GPD (GamePad Digital) has established itself as a frontrunner in the realm of portable computing, offering devices that blend the power of a PC with the convenience of handheld gaming. Among their innovative lineup, the GPD Pocket 3 and GPD Win 4 stand out for their exceptional features and capabilities. Let’s delve into what makes these devices a must-have for tech enthusiasts and gamers alike.

GPD Pocket 3: A Convertible UMPC Powerhouse

The GPD Pocket 3 takes the ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) concept to new heights with its convertible design, robust performance, and comprehensive connectivity options. Its compact size belies the power within—an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and Intel Iris Xe Graphics, making it faster than many Intel EVO laptops. The device features a unique convertible mechanism, allowing it to transition seamlessly between a traditional laptop and a tablet, catering to a wide range of productivity and entertainment needs​​.

Design and Build

Crafted from an aluminum body, the Pocket 3 shares a similar aesthetic and build quality with its predecessors, offering a premium look and feel. Despite its small form factor, it includes dedicated mouse buttons inspired by the ThinkPad, and a unique chassis design that incorporates a loop for attaching charms or chains, adding a personal touch to the device​​.


One of the Pocket 3’s highlights is its versatile connectivity options, including Thunderbolt 4, USB-C, HDMI 2.0b, and a 2.5 Gbps RJ-45 port, among others. However, it’s worth noting the device houses a single USB-C port for both charging and data, which could limit functionality when connecting multiple peripherals or external displays without USB charging passthrough​​.

GPD Win 4: Elevating Handheld PC Gaming

The GPD Win 4 is a testament to GPD’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of handheld PC gaming. Featuring a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 processor and a design that pays homage to traditional gaming consoles, the Win 4 offers an unparalleled gaming experience that fits in the palm of your hand.

Gaming and Design

With black and white color options, the Win 4’s design mimics the iconic PlayStation series, providing not just aesthetic pleasure but also practical features like a trackpoint for mouse control and textured back plastic for improved grip. The device’s rear is extensively dedicated to ventilation, ensuring that performance is not throttled during intense gaming sessions​​.

Unmatched Connectivity

The Win 4 boasts impressive connectivity, including two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, with the top USB-C port supporting USB4. This enables compatibility with external GPU docking stations, expanding the device’s gaming and productivity capabilities. Additionally, it features a spring-loaded MicroSD reader for easy game transfers and expansions​​.


Equipped with an Intel AX210 chip, the Win 4 offers Wi-Fi 6E compatibility, ensuring reduced latency and smoother streaming for games. This feature is particularly beneficial for gamers looking to stream their gameplay without compromise​​.

Why GPD Stands Out

GPD devices like the Pocket 3 and Win 4 exemplify the brand’s ability to innovate and tailor their products to the needs of modern users. Whether you’re a professional seeking a versatile and portable computing solution or a gamer desiring high-performance handheld gaming, GPD offers the best of both worlds. With their cutting-edge technology, robust performance, and unique design elements, GPD’s latest offerings are not just gadgets but gateways to new experiences in mobile computing and gaming.