Raptor Lake Refresh

Transform Your PC with Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh Lineup!

The Dawn of a New Performance Era: Intel’s 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh lineup is redefining computing standards. With an array of models ranging from the formidable Core i9 to the efficient Core i3, and even including innovative dual-core options, there’s a perfect match for every need.

Peak Performance Unleashed: The series boasts higher clock speeds beyond 6.0 GHz, ensuring that every task, whether gaming or professional, is handled with unprecedented speed and smoothness.

Next-Level Efficiency: These CPUs are designed to support faster DDR5 memory DIMMs, providing a significant boost in data processing and overall system responsiveness.

Power-Packed and Ready: Despite the high-performance metrics, the lineup is compatible with existing LGA 1700/1800 socket motherboards, offering an easy upgrade path.

Diverse Range for Every User: The lineup includes CPUs like the Core i9-14900K, i7-14700K, and i5-14600K, each offering a unique blend of performance and power efficiency. The i9-14900KS even reaches a staggering 6.2 GHz boost clock!

Innovative Core Design: Featuring a mix of Performance (P) and Efficiency (E) cores, these CPUs balance power and energy efficiency, making them ideal for both demanding applications and everyday tasks.

Built for the Future: With support for advanced technologies like PCIe 5.0 and high-speed DDR5 memory, these CPUs are not just for today’s needs but are ready to handle tomorrow’s innovations.

Affordable Power: Despite their top-tier performance, the Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs offer value with a reasonable price increase over the previous generation, making them accessible to a wide range of users.

“Join the Performance Revolution with Intel Raptor Lake Refresh!”

Upgrade to Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh and experience a leap in computing power. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a creative professional, or just looking for a powerful system, these CPUs are designed to exceed expectations and push the boundaries of what’s possible in your PC.

Intel Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs are planned to be unveiled at the Innovation 2023 event and will hit the market in October 2023. Prepare to be amazed by the power, speed, and efficiency of Intel’s latest offering, and make the leap to a computing experience like no other

Raptor Lake

i9-14900K, i7-14700K, i5-14600K Hit the Market with Pricing

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