Xbox Elite Series 3

The Xbox Elite Series 3 controller, while not officially announced by Microsoft as of the latest updates, is generating significant excitement within the gaming community due to anticipated advancements and features building upon its predecessor’s success. The Elite Series 2 set a high standard with its ergonomic design, customizable components, and high-performance capabilities, making the prospect of a Series 3 iteration a hot topic among gamers looking for the ultimate controller experience.

The upcoming Elite Series 3 is expected to push the envelope further with enhanced customization options, allowing players to tailor their gaming experience more precisely. Speculations suggest improvements such as adjustable thumbsticks, paddles, and triggers, aiming to provide gamers with unparalleled control and comfort during gameplay​​.

Rumors around the release date suggest a potential launch in 2023, based on patterns from previous releases and FCC filings indicating that Microsoft is preparing a new controller model. While specific details remain under wraps, the anticipation points towards significant improvements in ergonomics, customization, and possibly even more advanced features that cater to both casual and competitive players​​.

Price speculation for the Elite Series 3 controller places it within a competitive range, likely between $150 and $200, considering the premium features and enhancements it’s expected to offer over the Series 2. This price point would position the Series 3 as a premium option for gamers who demand the best in terms of performance, customization, and build quality​​.

The Elite Series 3 controller aims to be compatible with Xbox Series X/S consoles and Windows PC, ensuring versatility across different gaming setups. Its potential release alongside highly anticipated Xbox hardware would provide gamers with an even more compelling reason to upgrade their gaming arsenal​​.

In summary, while we await official confirmation and details from Microsoft, the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller stands as one of the most eagerly anticipated gaming accessories, promising to offer a blend of performance, customization, and ergonomic design that exceeds the expectations set by its predecessors. Keep an eye out for updates and be ready to enhance your gaming experience with what promises to be a top-tier controller option for Xbox and PC gamers alike.


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