Embracing the Future of Cycling with the Pi-Pop E-Bike

Pi-Pop – The Durable, Battery-Free Electric Bicycle

The French company Pi-Pop has developed an innovative electric bicycle that operates without a traditional battery. Instead, it utilizes a supercapacitor, which is charged while riding. This groundbreaking approach offers several benefits over conventional electric bikes.


Supercapacitor Technology:
The core feature of the Pi-Pop bicycle is its supercapacitor, which significantly outlasts standard batteries. According to the manufacturer, the supercapacitor’s lifespan ranges from 10 to 15 years, far exceeding that of typical lithium-ion batteries. This longevity is a major selling point for the Pi-Pop, particularly for users seeking a sustainable and long-term transportation solution.

Environmental and Safety Advantages:
The supercapacitor in the Pi-Pop bicycle contains nothing more toxic than plastic, iron, and other common chemical elements, making it an environmentally friendly option. Furthermore, unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, there’s no risk of fire with this supercapacitor, adding an extra layer of safety for riders.

Charging and Performance:
The supercapacitor charges when the bike moves forward, descends hills, or during braking. When ascending, the supercapacitor aids the rider. The power from a full charge can tackle a 500-meter incline at an angle of no more than 10°, with a thrust of up to 250 watts. Once depleted, the rider must pedal manually on this 21.7 kg bike. An interesting note: the fully charged supercapacitor discharges to zero in about two months of inactivity.

Usage and Pricing:
The Pi-Pop is ideal for cyclists who encounter modest hills during urban rides. Its price starts at $2675, positioning it as a premium option in the electric bicycle market. This price reflects the innovative technology and the extended lifespan of the supercapacitor, making it a worthwhile investment for regular cyclists.

Pi-Pop’s battery-free electric bicycle is a novel entry in the world of eco-friendly transportation. Its use of supercapacitor technology not only enhances the bike’s durability and environmental footprint but also provides a safe and reliable mode of transport. With its specialized design, the Pi-Pop is perfect for city cyclists seeking a sustainable and long-lasting electric bicycle solution.

Embracing the Future of Cycling with the Pi-Pop E-Bike: A User’s Tale

Today, I am beyond excited to share my experiences with a revolutionary piece of technology that’s redefining the e-bike landscape – the Pi-Pop E-Bike. This isn’t just any electric bike; it’s an embodiment of innovation, sustainability, and pure cycling joy.

Innovative Energy Storage: First things first, the Pi-Pop stands out with its unique energy storage method. Unlike traditional e-bikes that rely on lithium batteries, the Pi-Pop utilizes a supercapacitor. This innovation, conceptualized by French entrepreneur Adrian Lelièvre, eliminates the need for lithium batteries altogether. The use of supercapacitors not only avoids common battery-related issues but also represents a leap towards more sustainable e-biking​


Design and Performance: The bike conforms to the European standard for Level I e-bikes, meaning its maximum speed is capped at 25 KMPH (15.5 MPH) with power-assisted pedaling. While this might seem modest to speed enthusiasts, it’s perfect for urban commuting and leisurely rides. The speed limitation ensures a safe and comfortable ride, especially in city environments​


Sustainability and Durability: Sustainability is at the heart of the Pi-Pop. The bike’s supercapacitor boasts an impressive lifespan of 10 to 15 years, offering a reliable and long-term transportation solution. Moreover, the bike is constructed using fully recyclable materials, showcasing Pi-Pop’s commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions​


Price and Accessibility: Priced at €2450, the Pi-Pop is indeed an investment. While it might be steep for those on a tight budget or newcomers to e-biking, the price reflects the innovative technology and sustainable materials used in its construction. It’s worth considering the long-term savings on fuel and traditional battery replacements​


Weight and Portability: Weighing in at 21.7 kg, the Pi-Pop is on the heavier side. This could be a consideration for those who need to carry it upstairs or use it for multi-modal commuting. However, the robust build quality also adds to the bike’s durability and stability on the road.

Conclusion: The Pi-Pop e-bike is more than just a means of transportation; it’s a statement on the future of sustainable mobility. In the charming streets of Orléans, France, a two-wheeled revolution is taking shape, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Whether it’s the joy of a quiet ride through the city or the pride of using an eco-friendly vehicle, the Pi-Pop has added a new dimension to my daily commute and leisurely rides. If you’re passionate about cycling and care for the environment, the Pi-Pop is a choice you won’t regret making!