Nakto eBike F4: Revolutionizing Transport with Electric Power

Nakto has released the F4 cargo electric bicycle.

The cargo bike from the U.S. manufacturer, Nakto ebike F4, is equipped with a rear hub motor with a nominal power of 500 Watts (peak power of 1000 Watts). The motor generates a torque of 52 Nm. The maximum speed is 28 miles per hour (45 km/h). The 48 Volt 20 Ampere battery provides 960 Watt-hours of energy, ensuring a range of 40 to 60 miles (64 – 96 km) on a full charge. The battery charging time is 4-5 hours.

Nakto eBike F4

The bike is equipped with a Trama 82B sprung fork suspension fork, providing a 60 mm travel for the front part. The seat post is made of aluminum, with height adjustability. The diameter of the seat post is 1 inch. The saddle has 2 damping springs.

Nakto eBike F4

The bike’s design also includes rear suspension, ensuring comfortable riding on rough terrain. The 20-inch diameter and 3-inch width all-terrain fat tires provide additional cushioning and better grip on wet or loose surfaces. The bike features a Shimano RD-TZ50-GS 6-speed rear derailleur. The model has front and rear Shimano disc brakes.

Nakto eBike F4

Nakto F4 is equipped with a rear rack with a spacious cargo compartment. The maximum load capacity of the model is up to 400 pounds (181.5 kg), including the rider and cargo. The weight of the bike itself is 37.6 kg. The display shows information including current speed, maximum speed, average speed, odometer, as well as assistance level (0-5), and much more. The Nakto F4 model is equipped with a front LED headlight for night riding and overall visibility.

Nakto intends the F4 model for people ranging in height from 4’10” to 5’9″ (147 – 175 cm). The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty. The price on the manufacturer’s website is $1,299.

The Nakto F4 is a versatile electric bike that combines the functionality of cargo transport with the convenience of an e-bike. Here are the key details:

  1. Motor and Power: The Nakto ebikeF4 comes in two main variants based on motor power. The F4 Yellow is equipped with a 1000W peak motor, delivering 52Nm of torque, while the F4 Green features a 750W peak motor. These powerful motors ensure that the bike can handle heavy loads and challenging terrains with ease.
  2. Battery and Range: Both variants use a 48V battery, with the F4 Yellow having a 20A capacity and the F4 Green a 16A capacity. The bike has a charging time of 4-5 hours and offers a range of up to 60 miles, making it suitable for longer trips and extensive use throughout the day.
  3. Speed and Load Capacity: The F4 can reach a maximum speed of 28 mph, providing a balance between speed and safety for urban and off-road riding. It is also designed to carry a substantial load, with a maximum capacity of 400 lbs, making it ideal for carrying cargo or passengers.
  4. Frame and Tires: The bike features a Nakto ebike high-carbon steel frame, known for its durability and strength. It is equipped with 20″ fat tires that provide excellent traction on various surfaces, from city streets to rougher terrains. The fat tires contribute to a more stable and comfortable ride, especially when carrying heavy loads.
  5. Additional Features: The F4 includes a seven-speed Shimano gear set, allowing for a comfortable and adaptable riding experience. It also comes with a full-screen big display, enabling easy monitoring of speed, battery level, and other vital metrics. The bike’s design includes a rear rack with a spacious cargo compartment, enhancing its utility as a cargo e-bike.
  6. Urban and Commercial Use: The Nakto F4 is particularly well-suited for urban environments and commercial applications. Its cargo capacity makes it ideal for small businesses or individuals requiring a sustainable and efficient means of transport for goods delivery within city limits.
  7. Eco-Friendly Alternative: As an electric bike, the Nakto F4 offers a green alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, particularly in urban settings where short-range transport is common. This not only helps reduce carbon emissions but also contributes to reducing noise pollution.
  8. Health and Fitness: Despite being an electric bike, the Nakto ebike F4 still offers the opportunity for physical exercise through its pedal-assist system. Users can choose the level of assistance, making it suitable for a range of fitness levels and enabling riders to get exercise during their commutes or deliveries.
  9. Cost-Effectiveness: The F4’s electric motor can provide significant savings over time compared to fuel costs associated with traditional vehicles. Additionally, electric bikes generally have lower maintenance costs than cars or motorcycles.
  10. Accessibility and Comfort: The adjustable seat post and the inclusion of both front and rear suspension systems ensure a comfortable ride, even over longer distances or on rough terrains. This makes the F4 accessible to a wider range of users, including those who might find traditional bikes uncomfortable or challenging to ride.
  11. Safety Features: The inclusion of LED headlights and disc brakes enhances the safety of the Nakto electric bike F4 making it a reliable option for both day and night use. The sturdy frame and fat tires also contribute to a stable and safe riding experience, especially when carrying heavy loads.
  12. Versatility: The Nakto ebike F4 is versatile enough to cater to both personal and commercial needs. It can be used for everything from grocery shopping and daily commuting to more intensive commercial deliveries.
  13. Community and Environmental Impact: By choosing an electric cargo bike like the Nakto F4, users not only contribute to reducing their carbon footprint but also become part of a growing community that advocates for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

Overall, the Nakto F4 stands out as a robust and practical electric bike designed for both cargo transportation and personal use. Its combination of powerful motor options, substantial load capacity, and long-range battery life makes it a valuable asset for anyone looking for a versatile and efficient electric bike.