Motorola Think Phone: The Business Powerhouse?

Motorola Think Phone Overview

The Motorola Think Phone is a smartphone that appears to be targeted towards business and enterprise users. It likely incorporates features and design elements inspired by Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops, known for their robustness and efficiency in professional environments.
Motorola Think Phone

Key Features

  • Performance: The Think Phone is expected to be powered by a high-performance processor, possibly a Snapdragon chipset, to handle demanding business applications smoothly.
  • Display: A high-quality display with a high refresh rate is likely, which would be beneficial for both productivity and media consumption.
  • Camera: A competent camera setup for both professional and personal use is expected, with the primary camera offering high resolution and good low-light performance.
  • Build Quality: Given its business focus, the phone might feature a durable build, possibly with water and dust resistance.
  • Integration with Windows: As a business-oriented device, it might offer seamless integration with Windows laptops and other enterprise software and tools.
  • Battery Life: A long-lasting battery would be key for business users who need their phone to last through long workdays.
Motorola Think Phone

Target Audience

  • Business Professionals: The Think Phone is likely designed for professionals who need a reliable and efficient device for work-related tasks.
  • Enterprise Market: It might come with features and services tailored for enterprise customers, including enhanced security and management tools.


The Motorola Think Phone seems to be a promising option for professionals and business users, offering robust performance, good build quality, and features that enhance productivity.