Behold the HUAWEI Mate X3: A Glimpse into the Future of Smartphones!

The HUAWEI Mate X3, an advanced addition to the foldable smartphone market, integrates top-tier hardware with a distinctive design. However, its software experience and lack of Google support present notable challenges.

Huawei mate x3

Design and Build

At an ultra-thin 5.3mm, the Mate X3 stands out as the thinnest foldable phone on the market. Its extended camera module, a necessity for incorporating the telephoto lens, protrudes noticeably, making space for the camera components while maintaining a slim profile.

Huawei mate x3

Display Quality

The Mate X3 boasts impressive display qualities with a maximum brightness of 927 nits, providing excellent visibility under various lighting conditions. Its color accuracy is commendable, with a Delta E grayscale value of 3.62, indicating good color representation.

Huawei mate x3

Camera Performance

The Mate X3’s camera system, particularly its 5x zoom telephoto lens, impresses with its ability to capture close-up, shake-free images. Its low-light performance and dedicated night mode produce natural colors and detailed images, though it falls slightly behind the Pixel Fold in dynamic range and shadow detail. The camera tends to produce vibrant colors and sharp edges, excelling in capturing contrasting skies and saturated shots of nature. However, its SuperMacro Mode underperforms compared to previous Huawei models like the P60 Pro, with macro shots often appearing blurry.

Software Experience

The Mate X3 runs on Huawei’s EMUI interface atop Android, but without Google services. This can be a significant drawback for users reliant on Google’s ecosystem. EMUI version 13 offers improved multitasking with a split-screen and pop-up features but lacks an app drawer, a notable omission for those preferring a clutter-free home screen. Sideloading apps is possible but not straightforward, and the lack of Google support limits the phone’s overall utility.

Battery Life

The Mate X3 is equipped with a 4,800mAh battery, supporting 66W wired and 50W wireless charging. It offers a day’s worth of battery life under normal usage but exhibits reduced longevity when unfolded, reflecting the dual-screen’s higher power consumption.

Huawei mate x3

Huawei mate x3 price

Huawei mate x3 priced around $2,400, positions itself in the premium segment of the market. Its availability is expanding to several European countries, but its high cost and limited software functionality may deter a broad user base.

The HUAWEI Mate X3 is a marvel of engineering in the foldable smartphone category, boasting a slim profile and excellent hardware. However, its software limitations, particularly the absence of Google services, and the high price tag, make it a less practical choice for many potential users. Despite its hardware prowess, the Mate X3 may not appeal to the general market but remains a significant player in the premium foldable phone segment.


The Mate X3 is a testament to Huawei’s hardware innovation but is hindered by software constraints and lack of Google support. It caters to a niche audience seeking top-notch foldable hardware without reliance on Google’s ecosystem.

The HUAWEI Mate X3, with its stunning design and advanced hardware, leads in the foldable smartphone category. However, its high price, lack of Google support, and some software limitations might make it a less practical choice for many users, despite its impressive hardware features. It stands as a remarkable example of innovation in the foldable phone market, yet its appeal might be limited to a niche audience.